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Houthoff around the world

As we have been confined to our homes for more than a year now, some of us have felt like caged animals, others have realised they actually hate travelling, and many of us have mastered the art of armchair travelling to stay in touch with international colleagues and friends. Although we have found a solution in these virtual meetings and catch-up calls, it’s not the same.

In the beginning of June, our firm travelled around the world during Houthoff International Week. We hosted virtual roundtables where colleagues from our outposts talked about cultural differences in international business. This magazine is a collection of short interviews our partners and international representatives had with local business relations. The recurring question that came up during our interviews was ‘What is the typical Dutch way of doing business?’ Please enjoy reading Houthoff’s first International magazine ‘Houthoff Worldwide’. We hope you will learn a bit more about different business cultures and doing business with the Dutch.