Sofokles magazine – Take on work pressure



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Work pressure is as high as ever, according to a new study conducted by SoFoKleS. Roughly three out of every four academics indicate that they experience work pressure to be either high or very high. Around half of the support and management staff feel the same way. Some two thirds (63%) indicate that they are experiencing physical and mental symptoms related to their high workload.

These are grave figures, which cannot be ignored within the sector. As a result, work pressure is a theme that is high on the agenda for 2020. We will be addressing it with research, a series of e-conferences and the launch of this magazine, among other things. The magazine will portray how the sector is dealing with this issue in its approach to work pressure, while also providing inspiration for a custom approach for your organisation. Since dealing with work pressure at universities is very much an ongoing process, this magazine will continue to expand throughout the year, with new articles being added regularly.